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Ex Boyfriend :')

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Hyee, how are you today? Owh i'm sad now. Hm suddenly I remembered 
at my ex. Act, he is my first couple at facebook. I very love him you 
know. And untill now, I cannot forget him but i already stop loving him :) He already 
forget me nd mybe he already has a girlfriend. Hm i'm pleased. I want upload
 my record but cannot enter at here, I don't know why. I had to sing a song 'Luahan Hati 
Dan Khilafku' for him :') I want him to hear my voice haha :D Even my voice not
nice like Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Taylor Swift Cristina Perri but I pround okay hihi >< I truly
want to be like Taylor Swift hehee. She's so beatiful nd her voice so nice like me hahahaha xP
K jokee ^^ Hm I've run tittle right? Hewhew :> K back to the topic.

Fulamakk aku speaking lembu siot xD K tu ayat aku sendiri, no google,
no dictionary, just use my brain :> Huhh I really smart right? Haha
Pay attention! Stop speaking like goat pleasee! Hm hary tu aku try text die, sesaje
kan sebab aku rindu die. Aku ngat kan die tak reply but die reply text akuu muahaha :D 
Tapy kan sedih gilee bace text diee, die cakap 'nak apee?' k like perigi mencari timba right? 
Aku pun reply 'takde pape. Just saje je nak text. Lame kan kite tak text?' Die terus 
tak reply dohh :'< K aku malu gile time tuu bcauze die tak reply text aku. Aku rase macam
 aku je seboksebok nak text die, nak rindu die bagai. Hm but sokay, I understand you. 
Kau ade awek kan? Takde mase nak text aku, sape lah aku nie kan. Aku just EX kau jee.
 I'm not important for you right! I know who I'm :/ But sokay :') 

I just wanna say that IMissYouu. I hope you read my this post nd I want you to know my expression from my hearts :*

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