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Tengs a lot

Saturday, October 1 @ 08:11 | 0 Comment [s]

For the first time i out from my house without knowledge of my parents, sister and my younger brother. tengs to my brother ayyum, because he was the first person i notice was not at home. then u try to find me alone. u told  at mom but him did not bother about my losing. but u still try to find me. 

adekk, aq ta pegi mne ponn, aq ade kat dlam kete. aq saje na tngok ape kowg buad kalau aq lari nnty. tapy ternyate kau sowg je yg cube cary aq. aq sedeyy, kau tau aq nnges sowg sowg kat dlam kete dngn bdan aq yg sket coz ddok kat bawa sit. aq terharu sngt dekk kau carik aq. aq tau kau sygg aq, aq pon sygg kau sngt sngt. aq saje ddok dlam kete tu lame lame coz aq na tngok kowg ambil brat ta psal aq. 

oke mlas na cite pnjang bejele jele. one words for my brother ' sayang kauu ' andd one words for my family ' sayang korang '. i still love my family even what happens.

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