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Result !

Friday, August 26 @ 10:23 | 0 Comment [s]

OhheMmGyy ! Result trial kaly nih cam FAKE u know ! I don't likee ! Result 
Eny ta pena seTEROK ni !  Malu ouhh wif my fwenss :'( Dowg 
sume gudgudd. Huh ! Hmpe hmpe dpat no tett HAHA.
Tu lah akibt nye ta bace buku kann ? Sape suoh jadi
buda malas ? Kan da dpat ! Tapi tapee, naseb trial. Final nnty
Eny buad betol betol ! Nekad nihh ! XP Ehh, kali nih Eny ta maen maen
tauu. Eny na blaja betol betol ! Malu weyh ngn fwens fwens
Eny. Dowg sume pndai pndai ta mcam Eny. Eny nih
krang pndai sket dary dowg tapy bkan 
BODO yupp awak awakk :D
Menyesal dengan diri sendiri :'(

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